Gas Log Fire or Wood Fire – which one is right for you?

If you’re looking for a heating solution for a lounge room or dining area and something that will create character in a cosy home, your two options are a Gas Log Fire and a Wood Fire. The two systems have different advantages and suit different lifestyles, so it is important to select the right one for you.

The most important question to ask yourself is – What is the purpose of this heating solution? Is it for ambience and a focal point or solely to keep you warm during winter months? If it’s the later – have a look at our Ducted Reverse Cycle Solutions first, these will be the most efficient for heating your whole home and are discreetly installed in the roof. 

Gas Log Fires

The look of a Wood Fire, without the wood. A Gas Log Fire can be either built into your home, or can be bought as a stand alone system giving you flexibility in the look, feel, and investment. 

The wooden look logs inside the system are made of ceramic meaning they can withstand extremely high temperatures and be cleaned easily when needed. With the added benefit of being ‘mess free’, a simple switch at the wall or button to turn on and off and control your temperature and air flow. 

A Gas Log Fire works by bringing in air from outside to run through the Fire Box and three stages of heating, ensuring the air is at optimum temperature before being output into the home. 


  • Option for Ducted Gas Heating or stand alone System 
  • Doesn’t emit smoke 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Seamlessly added into your desired room

Wood Fires

If you’re after the authentic look and feel, a Wood Fire is for you. Built-in Wood Fires are best installed at the time of building a house, so the chimney can be built into the wall. If you are adding a Wood Fire to an existing home a freestanding unit will be easiest to install. 

A major factor to think about if you’re considering a Wood Fire is space to store the wood. It will need to be bought regularly and chopped (if not bought at the correct size). During winter, the wood needs to be stored under shelter to eliminate the risk of it getting damp – damp wood will not burn effectively and will produce more smoke. 

The second factor to consider is that the chimney needs to be cleaned annually to eliminate fire hazards. 


  • Authentic look and feel 
  • Cost-effective to run 
  • Environmentally efficient (depending on the quality of wood used) 

Still undecided?

If you’re still unsure, take a look at Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems. Installing one of these systems will cover all bases as it provides cooling in summer and heating in winter. An environmentally friendly option for all year round comfort, hot air is brought in from outside and run through a heating compressor which then gets pushed out into the room. 


  • Whole home heating and cooling for all year round perfect temperatures. 
  • Create zones in your house to only heat or cool particular rooms. 
  • Cost effective for heating.
  • Heats the entire room, not a localised space. 
  • Filtration systems can eliminate dust, insects and other unhealthy substances. 

At Ambience Air we have up to 60 months interest free finance on all Ducted Solutions, so take advantage of our great deals today. We can assist you with your choice of heating solution, and will provide expert knowledge  to help you make the final decision. 

Contact Ambience Air for your free in-home quote, and have your Ducted Reverse Cycle System, Gas Log Fire, or Wood Fire installed by specialists.