Jarrahdale Wood Heaters

Jarrahdale Heating

Product description:

Solid Fuel Heating from Jarrahdale Will Keep the Cold Out

Quality Jarrahdale Wood Heaters have been manufactured in WA for over 30 years and are the trusted brand in solid fuel heating to keep out the cold. With a 10 year firebox guarantee, and a selection of fantastic designs and sizes to suit a small 148m² home to a large 280m² home, you will find one to meet your requirements.

Explore the benefits of a Jarrahdale wood heater:

  • Choice of four stylish colours
  • Back sloping firebox preventing ash spillage or falling logs
  • Nine different sizes
  • Fire brick lined base
  • Stainless steel air tube

When it Comes to Wood Heating, You Need to Consider:

  • The type of wood-fire heater you’re seeking:
    • Free Standing is the most flexible option with fewer limitations on placement, and generally the more affordable option to implement.
    • Built-in fireplaces require additional work to be completed, as you will require a custom masonry, or non-combustible fireplace cavity.
  • Floor & Wall Protection:
    • Due to the heat from wood-fire heaters, it’s important that they are clear from any potential fire hazards and combustible materials. It’s highly recommended (and required on flooring such as carpet, and vinyl) to add a hearth (stone flooring) to protect the floor and prevent combustible materials catching on fire.
    • As for walls, there is a number of methods to protect them, by either installing a safety guard, or adding other wall protection.
    • Based on the materials & protection in place, the clearances required from flooring and wall may vary on a case by case basis. Though an installation guide is provided by the manufacturer for a complete set of requirements.
  • Choice of Installer:
    • Experience is required to install wood heaters, as poorly installed heaters become inefficient at heating your home, so we highly recommend taking advantage of our installation services for wood-fire heaters to guarantee they are installed correctly.

Our range of Jarrahdale wood-fire heaters are all Australian made, and have a high level of efficiency with low emissions, as certified by the Australian Home Heating Association. This is to ensure you have quality heating in your home whilst reducing long term costs to heat your home.

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