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Featuring New NanoeX Technology! Revolutionary Stand-alone Air Purification.

Product description:

Since 2003, Ambience Air have been providing Panasonic air conditioning due to their elite high-end product with a focus on in-home air quality and reliability.
Panasonic is our signature brand boasting the latest Japanese technology along with it’s energy saving efficiency placing Panasonic Inverter Ducted systems as the most attractive option in our range. You can not invest in better.

Ambience Air are one of the largest Panasonic dealers in Perth and BUY IN BULK to GIVE YOU HUGE SAVINGS on your new Panasonic air conditioner.

Pushing the boundaries on in-home air quality, Panasonic have produced industry leading NEW technology, NanoeX to provide a cleaner, more natural air for your home.
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All models of Panasonic PS Inverter Series are equipped with DC inverters for the higher EER operation. The design attains the quiet and high-efficient operation and reduces the running cost.

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ALL-NEW NanoeX Technology

Purify your air with or without Cooling or Heating.
Panasonic’s revolutionary new Air Purification System creates healthier air for your home.

  • Active Deodorisation
  • Hydrates and Moisturises
  • Breakdown of Hazardous Substances
  • Inhibition of Mould
  • Inhibition of Bacteria & Viruses
  • Inhibition of Pollen
  • Inhibition of major Allergens

Get the BEST PRICES on the industry leading air purification air conditioner for your home!

Hyperwave Inverter

The Panasonic group’s experiences and actual results in the development of inverters are realised in the control. This control of the inverter demonstates the maximum compressor torque.

The FS series quickly warns the room up to the set temperature and maintains a comfortable condition, while ensuring energy efficiency and savings.

High- Efficiency Compressor

Using of a powerful neodymium magnet for a motor allowed us to make the motor more compact. The winding rotor motor of less magnetic field distortion attains higher efficiency.

Class-Leading Efficiency

The cassette indoor unit is equiped with a newly-developed turbo fan, the new shape produces low noise and high air flow rate. In addition, the DC far motor is able to give complete control, this is almost twice as efficient as a conventional motor and enables comfortable and energy saving option.

Space-Saving Outdoor Unit

The improvement of the outdoor unit fan makes it possible to install the outdoor unit into a smaller space where the conventional model cannot be installed. Without sacrificing quietness, also higher efficiency is attained. More freedom installation contributes to the easy piping and facilitates installation. It will cut the installation cost.

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