Converting Evaporative over to Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Evaporative air conditioning is one of the most economical ways to cool your Perth home. Cooled fresh air is continuously blown into the target area. Now, that sounds like a great definition for an air conditioner—however, the problem is, there’s a new air conditioner on the block; one that doesn’t blow cool air in a targeted area only, but makes the cool air centralised so that your whole home can be refreshed and cool.

If you have an evaporative air conditioning system in place already as most homes in Perth do, you might be wondering if you could swap out the evaporative air conditioning and replace it with this new, incredible ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system.

There’s a problem.

The duct work and outlets used to install the older evaporative air conditioner are wide whereas this new reverse cycle air conditioning system needs narrow outlets only. — The answer is simple then.

Purchase a reverse cycle air conditioner; plus it’s actually cheaper than trying to swap out your existing evaporative air conditioner and have air-con maintenance people come in and narrow your ducts and outlets in preparation for a new reverse cycle air conditioner. That will cost you a lot of dollars.

The good news about the ducted reverse air conditioner

What truly separates this air conditioner from all the others, from all the older technologies of air conditioning, is the way in which it uses the air from the outside, how it manifests it to cooler air and then how it perfectly channels all the air through the piping into one central location that disperses the cold air evenly and continuously.

Other air conditioning systems worked on the principle of dispersing air in a central location. This worked, for a while; that is, until technology and the needs of the consumers became bigger and bigger. Thus there was the creation of the new air conditioner that actually filters air in the right place, keeping your entire Perth home cool from this summer’s scorching heat.

A bit of added good news

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world? The reason this question is posed is because your choosing to purchase a ducted reverse air conditioner not only gives you fresh-cold air in the summer, but actually purifies the air inside your house.

Is that not amazing! – The older systems would trap in the airborne particles to help purify your air, but it still left the odours to linger. This is quite an unexpected advantage of a reverse cycle system, but a rather important one.

Now you have all the reason in the world to purchase a ducted reverse air conditioner that can both heat and cool your home – as well as purify the air in which you live. What could be better?

For more information or if you want to know more about other types of air conditioning systems that would be suitable to you, we would suggest speaking to our professional air conditioning supplier in Perth in which you can enquire about this new, amazing ducted reverse air conditioner.