After-Sales Support – For Existing Customer System Installation concerns within 12 months of purchase.

When your air conditioner is less than 12 months old and isn’t working, Ambience Air, after sales support team are here to assist.

We attempt to action all client concerns, within the first 12 months of installation, with a 48 hour response time and a 96 hour call to action from there to ensure complete customer satisfaction on time every time.

Prior to contacting our friendly after sales support team by completing the after-sales customer enquiry form there are a few simple things to check on first.

You may think you know what is wrong with your air conditioner, but every good repairman has a checklist of things to look at. Ruling out the obvious by elimination is necessary to avoid any unnecessary callout charges.

Important Note:  If you have recently purchased a system from us, a feature of your Zone controller will prompt you to enter an activation code after 21 days from installation. Please check your final balance email from (if not received in your inbox check in your junk mail) and within the information are instructions on how to enter your unique activation code to continue operation of your new comfort system. Refer to your zone control operation manual for further information if required. (If the ACTIVATION CODE button is not present then your system is already fully activated). Thank you for your business and enjoy your new comfort solution.

Troubleshooting Zone Control SystemsPlease refer to the manufacturer’s trouble shooting tips under the Advantage Air controller information & troubleshooting.

Please check the links below for more information in regards to troubleshooting.

Terms & Conditions apply: In the event of a client concern where the Ambience Air Installation is deemed not to be at fault, or if the fault is deemed not to be covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty, the Customer maybe charged for a callout fee along with any additional charges for further works carried out. During extreme weather conditions, suggested timeframes may increase.
General & Manufacturer Troubleshooting Guides
Advantage Air Manufacturers Operation Manuals
Fujitsu Operation Manuals
Panasonic Operation Manuals
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