Pillars of Health

Feel energised by embracing nature’s pillars of health

An abundance of sun, water and air is great to relieve stress and clear the cobwebs while ensuring that you get out there and enjoy life. Known as the three pillars of health, these elements are just some of the many great health boosters made by Mother Nature to keep us energised and feeling great.

The human body needs sun, air and water to function. If you’re feeling sluggish and depleted of energy, perhaps it’s time for you to up the water intake, get that much-needed Vitamin D – courtesy of the sun, and fill your lungs with fresh, clean air. These are a few of the many things that draw us outdoors, but what makes them so important?


“Breathing is important. If you aren’t breathing, you’re not going to be doing anything else either.”


The most vital element to your wellbeing, fresh air helps to alleviate stress and clear the mind. A big part of yoga – the ultimate de-stressor – is deep breathing, which fills your lungs with oxygen that feeds the trillions of cells in your body. The cells travel to every part of the body and brain filling it with fresh oxygen to aid focus and concentration, digestion, improve your heart rate and blood pressure, and soothe anxiety.

At the office, at home, or out with friends, take deep breaths will help you unwind, and focus. If you’re in a closed environment such as an office, you can switch on the air conditioner for a cool burst of air, or take a walk outside to get your fill.

There are a few other things you can do to improve your oxygen intake: Sit up straight or walk upright to improve your posture, allowing your lungs to open. Do some exercise for improved blood circulation; and keep a few plants around to absorb excess carbon dioxide and improve air quality.


Water is the primary life-giving substance on earth and is vital to your physical wellbeing. When depleted of H2O, your body, which is made up of 75% water, fails to function on all levels. Dehydration not only causes fatigue and lethargy, it also affects your brain, causing headaches and dizziness.

Make a point of replenishing your water intake with at least two litres a day; it contributes to a glowing skin and increased energy. Aside for the obvious effects, water also detoxifies the kidneys and liver by removing excess waste. It also helps maintain muscle tone (it’s certainly got one up on those protein shakes) and it boosts the immune system.


Come on summer! The sun, the beach and the swimming costumes are the order of the day, every day, but more importantly it’s also when vitamin D is available in abundance. Your body soaks up this gem of a building block and turns your skin golden while feeding it this nugget of nutrient. While you probably won’t give it more than 0.1% of your attention, vitamin D is seeping into your skin and helping you fight fragile and soft bones, boosting your immune system and acting as a natural antiseptic to fight mould and bacteria.

The sun can be extremely harsh, but going out into the sun at the right time, with a vitamin D enriched sunscreen, can be beneficial and bring out smiles all around. Enjoy the sun in moderation and you’ll sleep better at night and feel energised during the day.

These three pillars of health are amongst the many that Mother Nature has to offer. It is good to enjoy the outdoors but always remember that a bit of downtime inside enjoying the cool air conditioned atmosphere also goes a long way to helping you unwind.

Take your health in hand with the natural health-enhancing elements that mother earth offers us in abundance. If you prefer, you can stay indoors and still enjoy healthy air with Ambience Air Conditioning, as well as refreshing water. As for the vitamin D, could we suggest the health shop?