Purify Your Air with Panasonic’s NanoeX Technology

In the current climate with respiratory health, being a major concern worldwide, we should care about the air we breathe.  Thankfully, Panasonic has innovated its NanoeX Technology in air purifiers that takes air purification to the next level.

Panasonic’s NanoeX Technology utilises hydroxyl radicals, which are abundant as nature’s “cleaners” but only have a short lifespan. This technology brings these hydroxyl radicals into your home to help you enjoy clean, fresh air.

Benefits of NanoeX Technology

Utilising the power of unstable hydroxyl radical molecules into Panasonic’s air purifying systems offers a variety of advantages.

Works both in the air and on surfaces.

The NanoeX Technology doesn’t just clean the air; it can also purify surfaces, as it penetrates deep into carpets to eliminate odours.

Breakdown of harmful and hazardous substances.

The NanoeX breaks down and inhibits hazardous substances giving you cleaner, safer air to breathe. This technology is perfect for those living in or close to industrial areas, as well as areas where bushfires frequently occur. The NanoeX is will inhibit bushfire smoke and air pollutants smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5). These substances, when inhaled, can penetrate deep into the lungs and flow through the bloodstream.

Inhibition of moulds.

The NanoeX can envelop both adhered and airborne mould commonly found inside living and working spaces.

Inhibition of viruses and bacteria.

The NanoeX can also wrap around airborne and adhered viruses and bacteria and inhibit the microorganisms’ activities.

Inhibition of major allergens.

The NanoeX can also help prevent and reduce allergic reactions by inhibiting major allergens such as mite faeces, pet dander and airborne mould. The National Asthma Council of Australia has approved and verified the NanoeX Technology in their Sensitive Choice Program.

Active deodorisation for fresher and cleaner areas.

The NanoeX can eliminate frequently encountered odours as it can get into the deepest parts of fibres.

Purifies the air for 24 hours.

You can be sure that you are breathing fresh, clean air at home since Panasonic’s NanoeX Technology can run for an entire day, whether you’re away or at home.

Ensures quality air all the time without high electricity bills.

A single Panasonic unit with the NanoeX Technology has a low energy consumption of only 35W per hour, so you can take your worries away on your bills while making sure of breathing quality air at all times.

NanoeX mode can be run independently.

The NanoeX mode can be turned on independently from the heating and cooling modes of your Panasonic air conditioning unit.

How Does It Work?

The process of how NanoeX can improve your indoor air quality can be illustrated in four simple steps.

  1. An electrode in the air conditioning unit creates trillions of negatively charged water particles, also called the Nanoe particles.
  2. The air conditioning unit releases the Nanoe particles throughout the house or the room.
  3. The Nanoe particles envelope the airborne as well as the surface-based pollutants and allergens to inhibit their activities.
  4. The allergens and pollutants are broken down, neutralised and/or deactivated.

Panasonic Units with NanoeX Technology

The NanoeX air purifying technology is equipped in a variety of Panasonic’s air conditioning units. When it comes to split system air conditioning, there are a few options:

  • Wall-hung split systems with 2.5-8.0kW, CS/CU-ZxxVKR models. Perfect for rooms with higher ceilings or ample space on the walls;
  • Floor console single or multi split systems with 2.5-5.0kW, CS-ZxxUFRAW models. Which are perfect for small rooms or areas with low ceilings;
  • Single split 4-way cassette with 6.0-14.0kW, S-xxxxPU3E models. Which are perfect for large rooms, and ideally installed in the middle of the room to distribute cool air evenly.

A split air conditioning system is a popular choice for homes and offices, as they are quick and easy to install due to the absence of ducts. They’re also convenient to use and maintain. Air conditioners with these systems are composed of an indoor and an outdoor unit that work together. These air conditioning units are ideal for small homes and apartments. On the other hand, a multi-split air conditioning unit is simply a split system with more than one outlet for cool air to disperse. This unit is perfect for cooling and purifying the air in several rooms at once.

Panasonic also offers a range of ducted air conditioning, specifically:

  • Slim line ducted units with 3.6-14.0kW, S-6070PF3 models; and
  • High static ducted units with 6.0-16.0 kW, S-xxxPE3R models.

Ducted air conditioning units have a central unit that funnels cool air through a network of ducts and into various rooms and offices. This type of air conditioner is both economical and efficient, as you can control the temperature and airflow for each area in the building or house in order to maximise energy consumption. Each room or area has a designated duct and you can simply turn off the zones for areas that are never or rarely used without having to shut off the entire air conditioning system.

The Importance of Air Purifying Technology

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of having air purifying systems, whether it’s a standalone unit or a part of the air conditioning unit.

Relieves symptoms of asthma

Air purifying technology helps capture or inhibit pollutants so that you can breathe fresh air. Without an air purifier, asthmatics have higher chances of being exposed to indoor allergens. Pollen particles, despite being outdoor pollutants, can also enter the house through open windows or by sticking to people’s clothes. Although you can vacuum your floors, carpet, and bed to remove these pollutants, there will still be allergens floating in the air.

Inhibits allergens

Aside from triggering asthma, indoor pollutants can also cause allergies and irritations to other people without asthma.  These allergens can also cause hay fever, which can lead to runny nose, coughing, sneezing, nose congestion, sore throat, and watery eyes. Air purifying technology can inhibit the activities of these pollutants, and ultimately, helps relieve allergies.

Eliminates the spread of airborne diseases

It’s a common occurrence that when a family member has flu or colds, the rest of the family can get sick, simply because the family is breathing the same indoor air that is contaminated with viruses or bacteria. Thanks to air purifying technology, the chances of common airborne diseases such as flu and the common cold are lessened. Thus, having air purifiers are a must especially when you’re living with children, seniors, and people with compromised immune system.

Improves sleep

Having an air purifier at home can help you be well-rested as you’re free from allergens, viruses, and bacteria that can cause symptoms or diseases which disrupt your sleep. The impacts of insufficient sleep include impaired judgement, reduced productivity and increased risk of chronic diseases.

Cleanses the air from harmful chemicals

Air purifiers, especially those equipped with activated carbon, can remove harmful chemical pollutants in indoor air. For one, ordinary household cleaners contain chlorine, phthalates, and ammonia, among other toxic chemicals. Although these chemicals may be harmless in small quantities, prolonged exposure can lead to serious health problems such as neurological disorders, or cardiovascular issues.

Air purifiers are even more important in urban areas where motor vehicle traffic can cause carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide to get inside your home. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Eliminates unpleasant odours from VOCs

Air purifiers can remove off-gassing odours caused by the breaking down of gasoline, formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds. These VOCs release odours that can generally cause breathlessness and queasiness. The odours can also impinge on your cognitive function. In fact, health studies have revealed that office workers are more productive when there is low VOC level in the environment.

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