Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning DIY Troubleshooting In Perth

We recently wrote about the two most common air conditioning problems you’ll probably encounter in Perth, and possible causes and solutions. In this article we wanted to share some more common issues we’ve come across.

We would like to emphasize that air conditioners are powerful electrical appliances, so if you can’t you’re not sure what to do, don’t try to address the issue yourself. It is always better to call out a licensed technician. We have outlined a few steps you can take yourself if you come across any of these common problems.

Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

If you are experiencing issues with the air temperature, there are a number of things that may be wrong. The first and easiest to fix, cleaning your filter. Another issue is ice, which may have form inside your or the thermostat sensor may have been knocked out of position. If the filter has been cleaned, and there’s no ice, then for we recommend switching off your AC and calling a qualified Perth technician for safety’s sake.

Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner has Ice Forming Inside the Unit

Sometimes when your AC is struggling with the Perth heat, your aircon just needs a little TLC. If your filter gets really dirty then dust collects, which blocks the unit from ‘breathing’. The end result? Ice forming within your AC. Regularly checking your unit is a good way of preventing dust build up within the unit.

First things first, switch off the unit, and leave it for a few hours, leaving the ice to melt completely. You may want to move your furniture, or put a bucket underneath your machine to avoid any icky leaks. Once the ice is gone, you will need to remove the filter and clean it. Replace the filter once it is completely dry, and in most cases the problem will be fixed.

Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Smells Kind of Funny

There are a number of factors which may cause those funky smells you’re smelling. The three main causes are: the growth of mildew as the result of a blocked pipe, smells from outside coming through the air conditioner, and small dead animals in or around your unit.

The first is the easiest issue to resolve. If your pipes are blocked it is a serious indicator that you need to get your AC serviced. A blocked pipe can cause water buildup, which could potentially result in a lot of damage to your unit in the long run.

If you think the smell is coming from outside and is ‘lurking’ in your system, then try turning your reverse cycle air-conditioning on and blasting the fan at full speed for 5 minutes. The smell may dissipate naturally as it blows out of the system.

If you suspect a dead animal is the cause, then you will need to call a licensed technician to assist you.

Avoid Costly Repairs

If something is wrong with your air conditioning, then ruling out the obvious is a great idea before you call your service agent. This can help you avoid unnecessary callout charges. Read our general troubleshooting guides here for more information and assistance with your unit.