Daikin Ducted Inverter – Why you need one in time for Summer!

As summer draws near, is your home or office is ready to provide cool comfort for your family or staff? Don’t risk it. Get to know the Daikin brand today and discover why its ducted inverter air conditioner is a must-have to prepare for summer.

Installing Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning in your home has many benefits. Specifically, great energy savings and efficiency. Specifically, you can get almost 60% energy savings when you choose the ducted inverter from Daikin. It also provides great cost reduction in the long-term so you’ll be enjoying lower electricity bills through the whole year.

How Daikin Ducted Inverter Air Cons Work

There are two discussions when explaining how a ducted inverter air conditioning system works.

Ducted Air Cons

A ducted air conditioning system has a central unit which is installed in the roof perimeter of the building. The system can be installed far from the air vents so that it can’t be heard.

The network of ducts distributes cool air to the various rooms or indoor areas. In essence, ducted air conditioners such as the Daikin ducted inverter units are the most efficient cooling system. They are also perfect for effectively and efficiently cooling one huge indoor area, such as homes or offices with open floor plans. The discreet air vents are installed on the ceiling or walls, eliminating awkward elements on your interior design.

The circulation of air from the ducted air con system is often divided into zones. You can control the temperature of each zone as well as the airflow using a central control panel or system. You can even turn off a zone especially when there’s no one in the room or area. The Daikin ducted system allows you to efficiently manage your energy consumption and reduce your running costs.

Daikin Inverter Air Cons

What’s great about the Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning is that it comes with an inverter, which is an innovative, energy-saving technology that efficiently controls the speed of the unit’s motor to avoid wasted operation. For example, the energy consumption of operating the Daikin model SSRC 140BA, an inverter unit, is 58% much lower when compared with an equivalent air con without an inverter.

Usually, air conditioning units maintain the desired temperature set on the thermostat by heating when the room temperature is lower than the desired setting, and cooling when the room temperature is higher. In air con units without an inverter, the motor is at a constant speed and is turned on and off when the room temperature needs to be adjusted. This constant manipulation of the switch for the motor is what makes non-inverter-type air conditioners wasteful and inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

On the other hand, inverter air conditioners such as the Daikin ducted system operate by simply changing the speed of the motor and adjusting the room temperature. The system motor doesn’t have to be turned off and on, and thus provides lesser power loss and higher energy efficiency when compared to non-inverter types.

As summer comes, you might feel assured that you’ll get some reprieve from the high energy bills during winter. But think again. We could also see the average electricity bill in Australia rising again this summer, just like last year. A Daikin ducted inverter is definitely the go-to brand for new air cons in time for summer in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings.

Integrate with the MyAir5 System

At Ambience Air, we are currently putting Daikin Inverter Ducted Systems on sale with added value savings. Visit our showroom in Perth and talk to our friendly team on how you can save on energy consumption for years to come.

The Daikin ducted inverter is compatible with the MyAir5 system. MyAir5 is a control panel with 8-inch touch screen, turning your home into the ultimate comfort zone. It’s your home’s control hub smart tablet, which also lets you do a lot more when connected to the internet. You can connect with friends on social media, check emails, watching videos on Youtube, play music, organise activities with the family calendar, and most importantly, check energy usage.

The MyAir Series 5 app can also be downloaded and installed in most tablets and smartphones, such as Android V4+ and Apple iOS7+, to turn these gadgets into wireless remote controls. In short, you can control the Daikin ducted system even in the comfort of your couch or bed.

The MyAir system allows you to designate as many as 10 zones unlike ordinary systems, which can only support 4 to 5 zones resulting to having multiple rooms for one zone. This means that the Daikin ducted inverter integrated with MyAir5 system offers massive utility bill savings, high energy efficiency and more control because you can ensure that conditioned air is only directed to areas or rooms where it’s most needed and shutting airflow to unused areas or unoccupied rooms.

Optional features for MyAir:

Not all rooms have the same temperature e.g. those facing the sun may be hotter while those on the ground level may be much cooler. The Daikin system with MyAir5 allows you to adjust the temperature of each zone to ensure a consistent comfort level.

Motion sensors are also another optional feature. You can install motion detectors to selected rooms that will automatically adjust the temperature by a degree lower or higher if there’s no motion detected for 10 minutes and another degree lower or higher if there’s no further movement in 20 minutes. With this feature, you can enjoy energy savings from as low as 10% to as high as 20%.

Daikin air conditioners with the MyAir5 are definitely cost-saving investments for summer. You can also talk to our friendly team about some convenient financing solutions for your Daikin investment.

Daikin Ducted Energy Efficiency

As previously mentioned, you can definitely trust Daikin air conditioners when it comes to ensuring energy efficiency. For almost a decade, Daikin has heavily focused on the research and development of providing the most efficient and effective solutions in climate control for the office and residential environments. Daikin has developed several technologies that make their air conditioning systems exceed the energy efficiency requirements of Australia’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

These energy-saving technologies include the inverter in Daikin ducted system that eliminates wasted operation in air conditioning units by efficiently controlling the speed of the motor. While ordinary units can waste energy by turning the motor on and off to adjust the room temperature, Daikin inverted ducted system simply changes the motor’s speed for room temperature adjustment. These Daikin technologies also include:

  • Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger
  • DC Fan Motor
  • Indoor Heat exchanger
  • Inverter Compressor
  • PMV Control
  • Reluctance DC Motor
  • Saw Edge Fan blades
  • Sirocco Fan

These innovations are also what make Daikin air conditioners more reliable, powerful and user-friendly for the any environment.

Other features that make the Daikin ducted inverter a/c more energy efficient are:

  • 24 hour on/off timer
  • 7-day time clock
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Automatic mode changeover
  • Compact design
  • Home leave
  • Hot start
  • Intelligent defrost
  • Night quiet mode
  • Night set mode
  • Predicted mean vote (pmv) control
  • Program dry mode
  • Quick cool / heat – powerful mode
  • Self diagnostics with digital display
  • Temperature limit operations

Daikin is a global company that aims to contribute to the sustainable growth of the world. They do this by actively finding solutions to climate change and other worldwide problems. You can be sure that Daikin’s air conditioners are highly energy efficient.

Contact us here at Ambience Air today to learn more about Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning and how you can have the optimum energy efficiency for your home, office or commercial establishment today.