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Prepare your air conditioner for those warm days and nights

With summer almost here it’s time to pack away the hot water bottles, blankets and family soup recipes. It’s also time to unpack the slip-on shoes, swimwear and cocktail recipes, and give your air conditioner some much-needed attention.

Keeping your evaporative, ducted reverse cycle, or a split system air conditioner clean on a regular basis will ensure efficiency throughout summer and reduce your energy bill. Here are several tips to help you look after your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, ensuring it gives you

the coolest service throughout Australia’s blazing summers.

Clean your air conditioning system

Both the inside and outside units of your air conditioner have had to deal with their fair share of beatings from the harsh winter conditions, and debris has more than likely clogged the condenser and coils. To clean out these parts you will first need to turn your system off before removing all the dirt.

Check gas lines

The refrigerated lines, pipes and tubes that run from the condenser in the outside unit to the evaporator inside the house, need their insulation to be checked. Much like roofing, the pipes need to be properly insulated to ensure the gas inside the pipes is not subjected to the outside heat. This will cause your cool air conditioner to blow warm air.

Filter maintenance

You should ideally clean your filter every three months. If you regularly use your system, the filter deals with a large amount of dust and debris, which – if not removed – can restrict air flow, causing allergens to blow into the house.

These are simple but effective exercises that will make your life a lot more pleasant during the harsh summer heat. If you don’t have time to get it done, contact Ambience Air Airconditioning today for a maintenance check.