How Much Does it Cost to Run Air Conditioning?

With 69% of survey respondents suspecting air conditioning as the biggest contributor to electricity bills, it’s no surprise that people want to know just how much it costs to run. And the truth is, the answer might surprise you.

Considering the fact that it is such a luxury to have, most of us think that it should equate to the most expensive appliance to run. But we forget that there are in fact other household appliances that cost even more to run than air conditioners. These are things like kitchen appliances, cleaning technology and even lighting – some reaching heights of up to $3.14 per hour to run.

It’s important to remember that although air conditioning can be a cost-effective cooling and heating solution, being irresponsible with your usage can add up quickly and end up costing you a fortune. At the end of the day, it is up to you to be reasonable with your consumption and stay mindful at all times. Thus said, there are systems on the market that we designed to operate for extended periods of time with minimal energy consumption.

Now that we have a broader understating of where household electricity is consumed, let’s take a closer look at the cost of running the different types of air conditioners on the Australian market (based on a usage rate of 35c/kWh for 2 hours/day for 90 days):

Split System

One of the most popular and quite easy to install, split system air conditioners are relatively affordable to run. At an average of 60c/hour, summer cooling would cost you around $108 if the air-con is on for 2 hours a day. 90 winter days would be as little as $45 for 2 hours a day or $135 for 6 hours per day.

Ducted Air Conditioner

This may be the premium system on the market, but its running costs come at quite a price. With cooling costs of around $3 per hour and heating at $1.80 per hour, 90 days out of the summer will add up to $540 if running for 2 hours a day, with heating costs at $324 if running for the same amount of time. Double, or even triple that and imagine the cost!

Evaporative Air Conditioning

This is the most affordable cooling solution on the market, with a 1kW motor and only a fan that requires electricity to operate. Thus said, evaporative air conditioners are really only coolers and do not refrigerate air – but they’re still a great option.

If you’re looking for an annual figure, you can calculate it by identifying the wattage of each air conditioner on the Government of South Australia’s website. It also a great tool for optimising energy consumption and applying the same knowledge to a variety of other household appliances.

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