Our Guide to Purchasing a Ducted Air Con

Making the decision to purchase a Ducted Air Conditioner will benefit you in the long run for all year round heating and cooling solutions, as well as adding value to your home. Every room you go into will be set at the perfect temperature so you don’t have to wear layers upon layers in winter, and can be comfortably cool in summer. 

It is important to note that there are two types of Ducted Air Cons. You will be choosing between a Ducted Evaporative System, or a Ducted Reverse Cycle. The major difference is that Ducted Evaporative systems only supply cooling solutions, and won’t heat your home in the cooler months so you may need to purchase a separate heating unit. An Evaporative system will require a window or door to be open to allow for airflow through the room and unwanted air to be removed. If you want a solution that is going to be useful all year round, look into Ducted Reverse Cycle. 

Choosing a Ducted Reverse Cycle System: 

These systems are made to last for a long time, they are reliable and hardy, so you want to make sure you have made the right decision when choosing which system to get. 

Make sure you have considered the following features;

  • Vents – How many will be needed for your house/apartment/office? And what designs will fit in with your decor?
  • Zones – Consider whether you need to choose a system that allows you to section the house into zones. Having different temperatures in different areas can be extremely useful – or even turning some off completely when you’re not using that zone of the house. 
  • Controls – There is usually one control which is hard-wired into the wall. But if you have a large house you might consider getting another installed so you can have access to the control at different points of the house, or choosing a wireless control option which can be operated from your mobile. 
  • Outside space – Ducted Reverse Cycle systems run from a unit that sits outside the house, so make sure there is enough space to fit the outdoor system. 

You might also be wondering about the costs associated with running a Ducted Air Con. This is difficult to define as it depends on a number of variables; 

  • How many ducts were installed (the size of your system) 
  • What temperature you’re running the system at. Extreme highs and extreme lows will bump up your electricity bill. 
  • How long you have it running for. Do you leave all ducts running at the same time or only use the ones in zones of the house that are being used? Ensure it is only turned on when you are in the house to avoid electricity wastage. 
  • The structure of your home. If you have a lot of windows (especially east and west facing), the house will heat up quicker, if there are a lot of internal walls, the air will take longer to travel from room to room, meaning you have to run the system for longer. 
  • How energy efficient the system is that’s installed. Systems like Panasonic’s Ducted Systems have a higher energy efficiency compared to other systems. 

Of course, our experts at Ambience Air can help you understand all this information and choose the right system for you. If you need more information, contact us today. We will provide a free in-home quote and talk you through the steps of your investment. Additionally, we have up to 60 months interest free finance on all our ducted solutions, so you can take advantage of our great deals today, and pay as you go.