Samsung Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioners

Product description:

GEO Inverter Split System

Samsung’s new range of Maximus inverter split systems provide peace of mind in a stylish design. Featuring the new and innovative Wind-Free Mode along with refined air purification and directional airflow, Samsung’s GEO models allow you to condition your room to your exact needs.

The Samsung GEO is designed so it blends into its surrounds. The exquisitely designed air conditioner is a perfect solution for your stylish and modern home.

3D Air

3D Air allows air to distribute to every corner of the room to ensure even cooling and heating is delivered for perfect comfort at the touch of a button. As well as Auto Vertical and Horizontal airflow the GEO provides a 13 metre air throw on high airflow. In heating mode the Waterfall Airflow allows heat to be distributed evenly in the room. 3D Air allows you to condition the room exactly how you want it.

Wind-Free Mode

The GEO+ is able to cool your room without the need for a direct breeze, with the wind-free models cool air is gently and quietly dispersed though 23,000 micro holes to allow for cool air to be distributed around your room without any direct wind. Allowing for a cool nights sleep without the breeze.

Good Sleep Mode

Automatically adjusts the temperature to create an ideal temperature which may help you fall asleep, maintain a comfortable sleep environment and awake refreshed.

HD90 Filtration

The new High Density (HD) Filtration system improves the general air quality and can help reduce dust in the room.

Smart Mode

Enables the air conditioner’s compressor to operate at a reduced intensity when the air conditioner is not required to be run at maximum cooling / heating capacity.

Auto Changeover

Automatically selects the operating mode according to the temperature setting, so the air conditioner heats or cools as required to maintain the set temperature.

Quiet Mode

Noise levels can be reduced when that extra quiet time is needed.

Real Time Timer

Gives you the ability to fully program an on and off time to operate the air conditioner.

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