Signs That You Need To Invest In Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something we all take for granted, that is until you’ve spent a summer in Perth without it. It’s one of those things no one should ever have to experience. And we would know, we’ve been in some horribly hot houses in summer.

Still don’t believe us? If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time you invested in an air conditioner.

1.Your fan is useless. Fans are OK on a warm spring day to keep you cool, but let’s be honest, on a 40 day in Perth it’s not going to do much.

2.If you’ve had heat stroke. Really, if this isn’t a sign you need air conditioning, we’re not sure what is.

3.You’ve stuck your head in the freezer to cool off.

4.You’re not comfortable in your home. If you’re having a hard time keeping your house cool, and being outside is cooler than being inside, it is time to consider investing.

5.In summer, you sleep without a doona because it is so hot.

If you already have air conditioning, but you’re considering replacing your system, our Perth team can help. We have outlined some signs which will alert you to the need for a new air conditioner. If your AC is displaying one or more of the below signs, then it’s time to consider investing in a new system.

1.Your system is over ten years old. Most central units are able to operate effectively for 10 – 15 years, but after the 10 year mark, they are more likely to develop problems, and run less efficiently than their younger cooler brothers.

2.Your systems needs to be repaired frequently. If you find you’re throwing money at your old system, then put that money to good use. It would be more cost-effective to purchase a new system, than to continue to fix an old one.

3.Your home is excessively dusty. What does that have to do with air conditioning? Worn-out systems accumulate and blow dust back in to the house, even when you change the filters regularly.

4.You’re hearing weird noises. Air conditioners are normally pretty quiet, making a low humming noise. If you have been hearing some weird squeaking, rattling, or knocking, it could be a sign your system is on its way out.

5.Your energy bills are high. Electricity in Perth is costly so buying a new AC can be financially advantageous. The older your system, the less efficiently it runs, and the more energy it uses to cool a room.

6.Your home remains humid even while the system is running. There are a lot of reasons this may be the case, but they all come down to aging equipment.

Invest in Your New Air Conditioner Today

If you are thinking of buying air conditioning, or replacing your old system, then make sure you do your research, and choose the best system for you and your needs. If you’re not really sure where to begin looking, contact us and we’d be happy to help you.