What size air conditioner do I need?

With temperatures reaching all-new highs around the world, Australia is most certainly not an exception. This has increased the demand for air conditioners.

The first thing to consider when making a decision to buy an air conditioner is the system size needed to cool your home or business – without wasting the valuable energy used to operate it. Not only would it rack up unnecessarily high bills if you installed a system too large for your space, but it would be irresponsible. Now more than ever, the world is realising that energy conservation is extremely important and something that can be achieved even while cooling or heating large residential and commercial infrastructures.>

From Small to Large

Before deciding on an appropriate size, one has to look at both sides of the spectrum. Having an air conditioner that is too big will cool down an area with great speed, often resulting in the system being switched off before completing the entire cycle that it was designed for. Once it has been switched off, the area will return to it’s original temperature and require the air conditioner to be switched back on within a short period of time. This stop-start process uses more energy than one can imagine, and certainly more than a system that is allowed to operate for extended periods of time at low consumption levels. If your chosen air conditioner is too small, it will struggle to keep up with the high demands and be required to run at overdrive – resulting in significantly higher electricity costs.

What needs to be considered when deciding on an air conditioner size?

Other than the size of the space that requires air conditioning, there are a number of factors that play a part and can have an impact on the end result.

Knowing the extent of your home or business’ insulation is a good place to start, as it greatly affects the space’s ability to maintain its temperature. A building with solid insulation will require less extensive cooling or heating. Other contributing factors are things such as the amount of windows you have, the amount of light entering the building, the amount of heat transfer between walls, the amount of people occupying the space, and the type of foundation that it was built on.

There are three ways of calculating the air conditioning size and output necessary for your home or business. The first is with the use of a formula, which can seem daunting to anyone that’s not in a field of mathematics. Also, many formulas elude important factors that are unique to different types of buildings. The second is by using an online calculator. While this is more convenient than using a formula, it is actually only an estimate and often misses vital aspects of your specific structure and layout design.

The third option and one that we highly suggest, is to use a professional service that has a business module built around the successful calculation and implementation of air conditioning outcomes – some with the ability to tailored to the varying infrastructures they deal with. At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong by relying on a company that has the required experience and knowledge to give you advice and act accordingly.

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