Tips to reduce your air conditioning bills

air conditioning bills

It is so tempting, we know, to turn your thermostat on your air conditioner down, all the way down, and set it to low temperatures that will refrigerate the room.

The heat can be too much. — But just think about what you’re doing… For a moment of coolness from the heat of the day, you’re running your bill up to the hundreds.

Here’s a fact that may scare you and make you an advocate to reducing costs of your air conditioner: For every 1°C lower you set your air conditioning thermostat, your running costs escalate to 10%.

With this explained, what can we do, realistically, to reduce your air conditioning bill in Perth?

  • Cool the air

Cooling means cooling, it doesn’t mean making the room chill-cold. It’s perfectly all right to maximise the fan speed with evaporative air conditioners, but to reduce the setting temperature will cost you.

During this season of heat, it is recommended to set your ducted reverse cycle or split system’s air conditioner’s thermostat to a sensible and comfortable temperature between 24 and 27⁰C. In the evenings, open your windows and make use of the natural breeze of nature, which means you can turn down your air conditioner.

  • Clean your air conditioner

By keeping your filters clean from clogged-up dirt and dust you can increase your efficiency rate by up to 15%, which means your operating costs will be reduced. For evaporative systems, you will need to turn off the unit in order to unscrew the panels to remove the filters. Wash it down with a hosepipe at least once a year.

This will make the use of your air conditioner run more efficiently. For reverse cycle air conditioning systems, you will need to clean the filter at least every two months.  Ducted systems can be vacuumed and split systems, once the fascia is flipped up, can also be vacuumed.

  • Timing

To reduce the cost of your air conditioning bill, try not to let your air conditioner run all day long. It does need a break from all the hard work its doing – yes, it’s a machine, but even a car needs to rest or it can overheat, correct?

Therefore, we suggest that you switch off the air conditioner once the outside temperature has dropped to a comfortable level.

With timers, as most air conditioners have today, you can set it to go on about an hour or even half an hour before you return home from work.  This will save you tons.

  • Replace your HVAC air filters

Air filters keep your HVAC system running like a well-oiled machine. The problem is that over time the HVAC system, which is built to ward off dust and other dirt particles from entering your vents, can become warn out.  Your system will have to work harder to circulate the air.

The solution? Replace your filters at least every few months. The good news is that air filters are not expensive.

With these thoughts in mind, what other ways could you save on your air conditioning bill this summer? Let us know. Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list and even try it out ourselves.

For more information about great air conditioners (PS: here’s a tip on one of the most efficient and cost-saving air conditioners – the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system) visit one of your Perth air conditioning suppliers today and find one that suits your lifestyle.