Update Your Evaporative System In Time For Winter

With winters’ cold weather quickly approaching, you might be wondering what you can do to keep your home warm and comfortable. One option that many people consider is replacing their current Ducted Evaporative system with a Ducted Reverse Cycle system.

Is this possible?

Replacing an Evaporative System with Ducted Reverse Cycle is possible! 

Although it may be more expensive than other options; in the long run it is more cost-effective and convenient, as it will keep you comfortable all year round without needing multiple controls units. 

A Ducted Reverse Cycle system, such as the Fujitsu Ducted system, will give you a year-round solution to your heating and cooling needs for your home or office through a single control unit; or wirelessly*.

However, it is not as easy as removing the evaporative system and using the old ducting. The old evaporative unit will need to be removed completely, and the roof to be repaired as a Ducted Reverse Cycle will need to be installed in a different location. 

What’s the difference between Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning & Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Evaporative systems work by taking in the hot air and running it through cooling pads to lower the temperature of the air, this air is then blown out of the vents back into the room. Evaporative systems rely on a more natural airflow, so they require a window or door to be open to allow for air to flow through your home, and hot air to be removed. Although, evaporative air conditioning does not provide heating to your home, so a separate heating system would be required in winter. 

Ducted reverse cycle systems function differently as they use an external unit and return air grille to filter the air and cool or heat the whole room efficiently. If the unit is set to cooling mode, hot air is extracted from inside your home, and runs through a refrigerant which cools the air before travelling back into the room. For heating, heat is extracted from outside using the refrigerant and passed through a compressor to then push the heat into your home.

From this information you can see that Evaporative and Ducted Reverse Cycles work in different ways, and for different reasons. Evaporative is a more natural system, as it requires a natural airflow to work effectively. Whereas the Ducted Reverse Systems will work all year round to heat or cool your home or office to your desired temperature. 

What are my options?

You can install a Ducted Gas Heater to keep your home warm in winter, allowing you to use one system that will heat your entire home. A Ducted Gas Heating System will accompany your Evaporative System, providing you with one system to cool and one system to heat your home. Ducted Gas Heating systems take in cold air which is then run through heating ducts, and express the heated air back into your home. A great advantage of using Ducted Gas Heaters is that it uses natural gas rather than electricity, meaning you don’t have to be worried about receiving a hefty electricity bill if you keep it on through those chilly nights.

Another option is installing a Wall Mounted Split System – keeping in mind they are only effective at heating or cooling smaller spaces & individual rooms, though are the most affordable quick solution for rental properties and apartments. It’s as simple as measuring the room to work out which system is right for you. Our Fujitsu range of Wall Mounted Split Systems can heat or cool rooms from 18m2 up to 70m2, proving there is a system suitable for all customers. 

An advantage of this is that you won’t need to remove your evaporative system if you are wanting to install a wall mounted split. 

At Ambience Air, we can provide expert advice on which option could be best for your home, so take advantage of our free in-home quote today. Additionally, we have up to 60 months interest free finance on all our ducted solutions, so you can take advantage of our great deals today, and pay as you go.

We have options to suit all homes, offices, budgets and lifestyles, so contact Ambience Air today for your free in-home quote to get you started.