Why choose Fujitsu?

Choosing an air conditioning system can be a confusing task. There are many different brands, systems, units, configurations, and features to consider. At Ambience Air we only stock quality brands and systems, so you can feel confident that no matter what air conditioner you purchase it will last for years. Fujitsu is one of our leading brands, and for good reason. Their innovation and attention to detail in design is second to none!  Whether you’re looking into a Ducted Reverse Cycle or wall mounted Split System, Fujitsu has the right air conditioner for you. Here are some of the key features of each which may help with your decision. 

Fujitsu Ducted Reverse Cycle

Zone Control

Zone control allows you to set different rooms to different temperatures. The Fujitsu air system controls the air flow through dampers (a plate that controls the temperature and redirects air) in each duct. You can be watching TV in one room with the airflow at a different temperature to someone who is cooking in the kitchen. On the optional Backlit Controller you can label each zone as the room it corresponds to eg. Zone 1 – Living Room, Zone 2 – Master Bedroom. 

Energy Efficiency

Fujitsu air systems are energy efficient in themselves, but their scheduling feature enhances the efficiency even more. By using the weekly timing schedule, you can set your air con to turn on and off at certain times of the day. This means you can turn it on half an hour before you get home to heat or cool the house and don’t have to leave it on all day. Alternatively, automatically set it to turn off as you’re leaving the house so you don’t forget.  

User-Friendly Functions

All Fujitsu Air Systems come with easily recognisable icons and large displays for controls such as “Mode”, “Set Temp”, and “Fan”. The wired controllers also come with a back light so you can easily operate in the dark.

Numerous designs: Slimline, Bulkhead, High-static

The numerous Fujitsu Air designs mean there is a ducted system to suit all homes. 

  • Bulkhead type air conditioners are designed for flexible installation in the most available space. 
  • Slimline systems are designed to be installed discreetly in ceiling spaces. 
  • High-static systems are designed to allow for more air ducts to be installed. 

All of these systems are quiet and efficient, easy to maintain and offer the perfect balance of heating and cooling to produce a comfortable environment. 

Fujitsu Split Air Systems 

Clean, Filtered Air

Fujitsu’s Classic Split System Air range uses electricity to clean fine particles such as dust, smoke, and pollen which are too small to see. The filters in each Fujitsu Air system contain catechin (a natural antioxidant) which is highly effective against bacteria, mould and mildew growth leaving you with a clean and safer home. 

Convenience Functions

Fujitsu Air Systems come with many convenience functions designed to make your system effortless to use. Features such as the On-Off Timer, Program Timers, and Sleep Timer, all allow for you to set the system to function automatically. You can set the Sleep Timer to slowly change the temperature of the room at night so you can sleep at optimum temperature, or set different on and off times for up to 7 days. 

In addition to the timing features there is also a Super Quiet Mode which operates at a low speed to reduce noise, and a Filter Sign which will show when the indoor unit has detected a certain amount of dust in the room.


Comfort Functions

Multiple functions will help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. 

  • Automatic Air Flow Adjustment feature will change the airflow to accommodate for changes in the room temperature. 
  • Auto-Changeover switches between heating and cooling modes to ensure the room is at a constant temperature. 
  • The Double Swing Automatic feature allows the louvres to swing both horizontally and vertically to push the air into all sections of the room. 
  • The 10 Degree Heat Operation ensures the room temperature doesn’t go below 10 degrees, even when unoccupied. 

Easy Installation and Sleek Designs

Split Systems are popular for small apartments, single rooms, or rentals. The installation process doesn’t require any ductwork making it much easier than Ducted Systems. Only small pipes need to be installed to connect the internal system to the outside unit. As a result, Fujitsu Air Systems can blend in almost seamlessly with your interior. Have a look at their Designer Wall Mounted Range for extra sophistication. 

There are many features and designs which make certain that your Fujitsu Air System will be convenient and timeless. To talk further about your options for a Fujitsu Air Conditioner, contact our experts at your nearest store. We offer FREE in-home quotes and great finance options with up to 60 months interest free

*Not all specifications are available on all models, check the Fujitsu air conditioning brochure for further information.