5 Signs Your Air Con Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced

Your Air Con will naturally get the most use during the middle of Summer and the middle of Winter. To make sure you don’t get to these points of the year and are stuck with a system that stops working, look out for these five signs which will tell you if your system needs to be repaired or replaced, to keep you at optimum temperature all year round. 

1. Poor Air Flow

This should be the easiest one to recognise. To put it simply, if your system isn’t keeping you warm in Winter and cool in Summer it’s not doing its job!

Depending on the type of system, this can be caused by a few things – Blocked Coils & Filters, Damage to the Fan Blower Belt, or Wear of the Compressor. 

If the Coils & Filters are not cleaned regularly, the dirt and dust will build up and eventually block the air from passing through these stages before being output into the room. If the Fan Blower is damaged this may cause ice build up in the unit. Ice can be formed when the evaporator coil drops below freezing temperature and humidity in the air cannot be blown out of the system, therefore it freezes in the unit. 

Wear of the Compressor simply happens over time. The more often the system is used, the quicker the Compressor will wear. Investing in a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is an economical purchase as they are very durable and cost-efficient. 

2. High Energy Bills 

If you’ve received an energy bill higher than usual this is a tell tale sign your system is working a lot harder than it should be. The system will require more energy if it is struggling to function efficiently. Older models will also use more energy as they don’t have the same energy efficient technology that new systems do. This will be extremely noticeable if you have installed an energy and cost efficient air conditioning system.  

3. Strange Smells 

Not only is this unpleasant, but could also be a health concern. Strange smells coming from your air con unit can be caused by build ups of mould or mildew. If contaminated air is circulated through the home or office it can cause serious illness or allergies, particularly in immunocompromised people, or the elderly and young children. Mould and mildew thrive in humid environments, so it is not uncommon for these substances to grow and infect an air conditioning unit. Panasonic Wall Mounted Split Systems come with anti-bacterial filters which will assist in blocking out this bacteria before it is put into the room. 

4. Leakage or moisture 

Most common in Split Systems, moisture or water leaks from an air conditioning system are an inconvenient way to find out your air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly. Fortunately if you have a Ducted System the leaking will occur outside, but still needs to be fixed. Leaking can happen if there is a block in the drain line, broken condensate pump, or damaged drain pan – if these elements cannot be fixed your system will need to be replaced. 

5. Unusual Sounds 

When your unit is making unusual sounds it can be due to a number of factors such as loose or worn parts, or a refrigerant leak. Different sounds such as squealing, rattling, or buzzing may mean different things so it is important to contact your Ambience Air specialist to determine what the issue is. It’s also important to note that Split Systems tend to be noisier than Ducted Reverse Systems, and not to mistake this as an issue that needs repairing. 

Replacing your air con can be more cost efficient than repairing it for a short amount of time, however if it is only a small issue, then having it repaired by Ambience Air’s specialists is the way to go. Our After Sales Support Policy assures you the same great service for many years after your purchase. 

At Ambience Air, we can provide expert advice on which option could be best for your home, so take advantage of our free in-home quote today. Additionally, we have up to 60 months interest free finance on all our ducted solutions, so you can take advantage of our great deals today, and pay as you go.