Advantage Air Components – Evaporative Cooling Systems

Product description:

For that cool comfortable feeling for your home or office.

The Advantage Air difference is the only component solution when it comes to evaporative cooling. Constructed from the highest quality engineering polymers there is no other more suited product available on the market.

With the same polymers as our evaporative machines are made of there is never any future rust or leak issues resulting in possible water damage to your home. There are cheaper metal component fit outs available but as evaporative cooling relies on damp, saturated water cooling, as you know, water and metal are a definite recipe for rust and corrosion. It’s only a matter of time.

When Ambience Air offer evaporative cooling along with the Advantage Air award winning highest quality engineered polyner component, you can rest assured you have a complete package guaranteed never to rust, scratch or peel along with a product that works better and looks more attractive for years to come

It is in your best interest to find out more and with our massive buying power we will offer the absolute highest quality at a more than competitive price. For your evaporative comfort solution, give us a call today.

Cool, fresh air to meet your comfort levels.

Evaporative air conditioning works naturally, just like a fresh breeze bliowing in from across the sea. The following components aid in delivering cool air through each of the ceiling vents.

Evaporative Cooling Offers

Cool, fresh air to meet your comfort levels.

Evaporative air-conditioning works naturally, just like a fresh breeze blowing in from the sea or across a lake, where warm air passing overhead, causes the water to evaporate. The evaporating water then cools the air, transforming air into a refreshing breeze.

With ducted evaporative air-conditioning, warm outside air is drawn over water-saturated pads into the external air-conditioning unit where it is cooled, then blown down a central dropper. It is then distributed via the ducting, ultimately delivering cool air through each of the ceiling vents. This ensures your whole family can remain cool throughout the summer.

Weather Guard Dropper

The Weather Guard dropper system distributs cooled air (drawn in by externally user air conditioning units through to the flexible ducts.

The system is made up of the dropper, its fastening (which connects/seals it to the roof) and collars (which connect the dropper to ducts instide the roof). Advantage Air’s unique Weather Guard dripper is the only dropper flusing made in one piece to eliminate the potential for roof leaks.

Constructed using only the highest quality engineering polymers, the Weather Guard dropper is UV stabalized for maximum protection and is the only dropper assembly guaranteed not to rust, scratch of peel.

The unique base is designed to reduce air noise and maintain airflow efficiency.

Platinum Ducting

Platinum duct is constructed from corona trated polymers coated with a highly reflective platinum foil which achieves the highest possible ‘R’ value (thermal rating)

External Air Conditioning Units – Draws air in, cools it and blows it down the dropper

Dropper Systems – weather guard dropper connects the evaporative unit to the ducting system

Exact Air Regulator – controls precisely the amount of air flow required for each room of the house

Outlets – the face of the air conditioning system. Diffusing air into each room of the home

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