Breezair Evaporative Cooling


Product description:

You deserve Australia’s best.

Wherever you live in Australia Breezair technology will cost less to cool your home than any other comparable system.

Breezair offers the following features:

  • Exclusive Invertacool Technology
  • Compucool for a smarter designer
  • Naturally better power consumption
  • Fresh healthy air

Hushpower Technology

Australian designed and built, Hushpower’s motor technology leads the world in quiet cooling. The fact is nothing cools as quietly or as effectively as the revolutionary Hushpower can.

Ideal for asthmatics

Breezair evaportive air conditioning is ideal for asthmatics, children and the elderly because it continually circulates a fresh supply of clean, filtered air throughout your home.

Cools your home from as little as running a light globe

  • Lowest operating costs of any comparable system
  • Economical purchase and installation costs
  • Advanced system management that minimises power and water usage
  • No worries about Legionnella

There’s no need to worry about Legionnella with Breezair. The circumstances needed for this bacteria to proliferate can not exist in wet-pod, dry sump evaporative systems.

Their roof top cabinets

Breezair roof top cabinets are injection moulded from durable, UV stabilised polymers and additives for high impact strength. This ensures a product that is structurally superior and far stronger than units made from thin, vacuum formed plastic.

If You Haven’t Had A Quote From Us Then You Could Be Paying Too Much

Either visit one of our conveniently located showrooms with your home / office plans or call us for your free in home consultation and we guarantee to save you hundreds, if not thousands off your new comfort system today.

Breezeair Evaporative Cooling

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