Braemar Evaporative Cooling


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Braemar SuperStealth LCQI and Evolution LPQI Evaporative Air Conditioning Models. 

Product description:

Cools Whole Homes Not Just Rooms

Evaporative air conditioning is the choice for families concerned with general health, allergy and asthma issues. It also allows the security of fresh air flow without the open windows.

Evaporative vs Refrigerative

Braemar Superior Design

The Braemar Paradigm Series is clean, simple and modern. The cooling units have been designed to blend into your roofline, not just sit on it.

Injection moulded from specially developed Permatuf polymer, your Braemar won’t rust, is UV resistant and will stand up to the harshest extremes of climate, year after year.

Choose from 4 designer colours, specifically created to suit heritage and modern homes alike.

Add Value to Your Home

An evaporative air conditioning system can cool your home more efficiently that any other system. However, a Braemar evaporative system can also add considerable value to your home for the simple reason that the name Braemar has long been synonymous with quality. The kind of quality that will server you well for many years to come. And if you ever decide to sell, it’s a quality that will make selling your home all that much easier.

Control Options

The Braemar Paradigm Series wall controller plus climate control at your fingertips. It’s so easy to use. You set the comfort level you want on the controller, the Braemar unit does the rest.

You can choose from four different control modes to control your home the way you want.

Auto: In Auto mode, the system monitors room temperature and automatically increases or decreases fan speed to maintain your selected cooling level.

Manual: This mode allows you to determine the fan speed you want. Increase it for greater cooling effect. Turn it down as the day cools down.

Timer: Use this mode to program the system to switch on or off at any time over a 24 hour period,

Fan: Fan mode allows you to use the system as a ventilator. When a cool change arrives, turn on the fan only and pump Mother Nature’s cool change through your home.


  • Tornado pump
    Braemar’s Tornado water pump provides exceptional reliability in the most extreme conditions.
  • Stealth fan
    Braemar’s state of the art, Stealth fan is super quiet in operation and ensures a constant, even flow of air through Chillcel pads. The advanced aerodynamic design uses only a small amount of energy to produce a constant, welcoming breeze.
  • Chillcel pads
    Made from a special cellulose material, these long-life pads were tested by the CSIRO to help establish maximum saturation levels and therefore, maximum cooling efficiency. The pads are essentially self-cleaning – dust and pollen is captured on the pads and then washed away into the sump below by the flow of water.
  • Free-flow water distributor
    A world patented water distribution system delivers continuous, even water coverage to the Chillcel pads, ensuing maximum cooling effect.
  • Totally enclosed Tropic proof motor
    The Braemar unit is second to none in the design and manufacture. As the heart of the unit, the totally enclosed tropic proof motor has been put through rigourous performance tests to ensure longer term performance and incredible reliability. Being variable speed, the motor gives you maximum control over your family’s comfort level.
  • Automatic drain valve
    Your Braemar system doesn’t requre costly and time consuming seasonal maintenance at the beginning and end of each season because your unit is fitted with an automatic drain valve. This specially programmed valve keeps your cooling system clean and operating at maximum efficiency, while using the mimimum amount of water. During warmer weather dust and airborne impurities may get into your system. That’s when necessary, replaving it with clean, fresh water.When your system is not in use, the valve automatically empties the reservoir, leaving it clean and dry.
  • AUTOWinterseal
    The Braemar feature makes life so much easier. Whenever the system is not in use, the AUTOWinterseal automatically closes off the air conditioning ducts. This prevents dust and unpleasant odours from entering the house while preventing cold draughts and heat loss in winter.
  • WATERmanager system
    This unique feature keeps the system clean and ensures you save precious water by minimising water loss through dumping. This is achieved by constantly measuring the salinity of water in the tank and dumping ONLY when needed, to ensure a clean and efficient operation. This means you will not waste water like other wvaporative systems, and you can save over 9,000 litres compared to a basic bleed system, which will save you lots of money as well as water.

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